Nottinghamshire Drug Rehab

Nottinghamshire Drug RehabOur alcohol and drug rehab clinic in Nottinghamshire provides cost effective detox programmes conducted by experienced alcohol and drug therapists under medical supervision.

The Nottinghamshire detox centre for alcohol and drugs offer residential programmes lasting from around 7 – 15 days, and can be longer depending on the individual’s needs.

It is a leading independent private detox centre which offers discreet and comfortable surroundings in order to undergo a detox programme. The Nottinghamshire detox centre caters for alcohol, drug and prescription drug detox programmes whilst also offering counselling sessions either one to one or in group therapy.

They will conduct a free medical assessment prior to your admittance in order to design the tailor-made detox programme which will suit your own specific needs. Their philosophy at the Nottinghamshire detox centre is that everyone is an individual and needs to be treated as such. That’s why they will design a detox programme exclusive to your needs.

Alcohol & Drug Detox Nottinghamshire

All the staff at the rehab clinic in Nottinghamshire are either former addicts, alcoholics or have had drugs and alcohol affect their own lives personally. They have first-hand knowledge of fighting addictions and will take you through the process of detoxification in a safe and comfortable environment.

As the method of withdrawal can be dangerous if performed on your own, it is essential to undergo a residential detox treatment programme under medical supervision and where you will have the help of prescribed medication to help you to withdraw from your substance of addiction.  This is exactly what our Nottinghamshire detox centre can offer!

All our drug rehab clinics in Nottinghamshire offer counselling and medical support throughout your detox programme.  Our detox programmes also look at the mental and emotional effects that alcohol or drugs have had on you personally and on your family and friends. Our qualified therapists will not only oversee your detox programme, but will be there every step of the way to offer you all the support and help you need.

For free and immediate advice on our detox programmes, call today!