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We provide immediate alcohol addiction treatment admission, we are open 24 hours, 365 days a year.

The Serenity Drug Addiction and Alcohol Rehab Centres offers practical help to you. This website contains up to date information about rehab, alcohol treatment, alcohol detox and drug and alcohol issues. Our group of clinics based in London, Blackpool and the Stoke on Trent will offer the best in care with drug and alcohol detox right through to full residential rehabilitation program for you addiction.

Addicts and alcoholics need to be able to get the best possible help, quickly and easily. Millions of people are successfully recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction today because they got the right help, before it was too late.

Rehab and treatment are effective ways of learning how to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. Our staff are happy to help you find the the best way forward with your addiction.

Rehab Clinics

We have our addiction clinics in London, Blackpool and Stoke on Trent. Contact us today help near you now!

If you are looking for confidential and accurate information regarding Alcohol or Drug Addiction problems, or if you are interested in private or independent treatment for yourself or a loved one, please call us. We understand the recovery process for your specific alcohol or drug addiction problem.

Rehab Centers

We have rehabilitation clinics in London, Blackpool and Stoke on Trent. Click on the map to find help near you now!

We can guide you and offer answers to difficult questions regarding drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery clinics:

  • How do I help a friend or family member get into a drug or alcohol treatment clinic?
  • What exactly is anĀ interventionĀ and how do we go about it?
  • Which rehab programs are successful and will it really work?
  • How to prevent a relapse after drug or alcohol addiction treatment?
  • What type of drug and alcohol rehab clinics are in my area?